Face Treatments

All facial treatments recommended are according to age. Furthermore, following a detailed inspection of your skin with the epidermic scanner, we recommend the treatment best suited for your personal case. We will be happy to share with you all your concerns about the best treatment for your skin.
Facial Cleansing
Facial Cleansing
Deep facial cleansing with the pure biological formulas of Jurlique.

Bio rejuvenation
Treatment combining deep cleansing, together with hydration, balancing and firming treatments, depending on the particular needs of the skin. It is combined with relaxing neck-back massage for better results.

Oxygen treatment
Treatment for external softness, internal effectiveness. Tissues get oxygen and are stimulated. It works against environmental pollution.

Peeling treatment with micro crystals. With the 2Β treatment the peeling process starts from the inner layer of the skin and the cellular metabolism becomes activated. It is recommended for oily skins and skins with blotches, freckles, discolorations and scars.

ΑΗΑ Treatment 
With their peeling effect fruit acids cleanse the skin, regulate oil excretions, soften blotches and discolorations
Greasiness - Acne
Acne treatment
Today, most types of acne are easily dealt with, due to the various treatments that are constantly being enriched and renewed, without the use of harmful preparations. With the proper treatment of acne skin, with frequent and thorough cleansing, with the balancing of oiliness and the application of the right products, the acne problem will soon be an issue of the past.

Propolis balancing treatment
Treatment based on the retinoid substance propolis, which, because of its flavonoids, is used in cosmetics for its capillary toning properties. Natural antibiotic and anti bacterial substance. Combined with the proper masques it contributes to regulate intense production of sebaceous material
Eye Treatments
Eye collagen treatment
A collagen reinforcement treatment, for problems in the sensitive area around the eyes.

Eye Anti-ageing treatment
A special eye treatment using the technique of massage with cold qi gong balls, based on the skin’s natural structural elements. A treatment of total restructuring and decongestion of the eye area.

Eye Botox Therapy
Treatment for the reduction of the depth of wrinkles in the eyes area. The skin becomes visibly younger. Suitable also for men.
Specialized Treatments Face
Academie hydration treatment
Intense hydration treatment, its main ingredient being sea collagen. Softens soft lines and wrinkles. Visible and long lasting results from the first session. Ideal for all skin types.

Caviar Therapy treatment
The ideal treatment for modern people, who, though they do not have enough time to spend, wish to offer their skin substantial and effective care, resulting in them looking and feeling young and radiant. The unique composition of products with caviar helps in the regeneration of skin and brings back the skin’s natural glow.

Flash Vit C Therapy
C Pure by Klapp offers, in a condensed form, all the power of vitamin C. It blocks free radicals, stimulates the ability of the fibers of the connecting tissues, and stops the loss of moisturizing elements. Carefully selected and coordinated ingredients offer your skin elasticity, firmness and hydration.

Hydratherm hydration treatment
Hydration treatment and direct charging of tissues. Seaweed extracts used in the treatment grow in the sea and in warm environments (hot springs). These extracts are rich in poly sugars, sulphur, silicon, vitamins, metallic salts and lipids, with hydrating and rejuvenating properties

Eclat Radiance treatment
Treatment based on the protein of wheat, which, due to its membrane generating performance, forms a connecting and elastic membrane, responsible for the smoothing of the skin. It is a treatment ideal for a special occasion, as it makes the skin radiant.

Extreme Therapy (Hyaluronic acid)
Mature and demanding skin needs special care for bringing back the balance between water and fatty components. Valuable vegetable oils deal naturally with the deficiencies in lipids, while silk proteins create a protective shield and renew the skin. Hyaluronic acid enters the deeper layers of the skin and reinforces its moisture.

Cryomodelant treatment 
Firming  treatment for sagging skins. It strengthens the connecting tissues and, due to the osmosis pressure of the cryomodelant masque, tightens the pores and dissuades their expansion.

Bottox Therapy
Specialized treatment for smoothing out wrinkles. It softens expression lines and relaxes facial characteristics.
  • DEEP CLEANING                             60 € 
  • BIO REJUVENATION _oxygen        100 € 
  • CLEANING BACK                             80 €
  • HYDRATION                                      50 € 
  • OXYGEN TREATMENTS                  60 €
    –ECLAT-COLLAGEN                 - 120 €
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