Depilation techniques applied in our spa include wax, electrolysis and biological. We use wax of the highest quality to avoid allergies and skin irritation. Our spa also has a depilation section for men.
The most common method, use wax with honey and azulene for all areas of the body.
Without irritation and redness with significantly reduced pain sensation ... Try it and be amazed !!!
Depilation using blend, multiplex, microflash method, with the use of a disposable needle.The most popular and reliable method for the gradual disappearance of hair. Special needles are used for sensitive skins.

Indicative prices
Μinimum 5 minutes 15 €
A method where the hair’s rejuvenating cells are destroyed and re growth is diminished due to the special enzymatic complex used. It is applied following depilation with wax, with the use of individual sterilized rolls.
Acquire the shape best suited to your face.
Eyebrows -  Upperlip.
Using the threading method.
  • BRAZILIAN FILM WAX       25€
  • BIKINI FILM WAX               15€
  • ARMPITS                            10€
  • UPPER LEG                       15€
  • LOWER LEG                      13€
  • ARMS                                 15€
  • BUTTOCS                           15€
  • EYEBROWS                         10€
  • UPPERLIP                             10€
  • PAINT EYEBROWS             10€
  • PAINT EYELASHES             10€
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