Body Treatments

Body treatments for relaxation, weight loss, firming, lipodialysis, for all types of bodies and for every individual case.
Although the use of passive exercise equipment has been known for several years, it is the type of equipment, and above all its correct application, that can give us as the fast and impressive results we all wish for. With advanced technology equipment, which are the strongest weapons for a very successful treatment, we can prevent or solve problems of the body, such as cellulite, sagging skin or muscular sagging, localized fat, with special programs for lipodialysis and to disengage lymph circulation, with the special lymphatic massage.
Passive exercise equipment are also effective for men.
Weight loss
Lose weight easily, fast and without any pain, with our specialized weight loss programs.

The chronic problem of cellulite is dealt with, easily, with the revolutionary program Schema Therapy, cosmetology’s latest discovery with the Α2 Blockers, which promise lipodialysis. It is a treatment based on PH.A2 technology. PH.A2 technology activates lipodialysis, inhibits the action of phosphodiesterase, and blocks Α2 receptors, factors that disturb the normal functioning of metabolism and thus resulting in cellulite and localized fat. Schema Therapy has remarkably visible results.

Visible results:
Localized fat: 3.8cm in  6 weeks
Cellulite: 32% reduction
Elasticity: 60% increase
Skin smoothing: 22% increase
Institute cold treatment for immediate results in skin firming, based on alternate hot-cold use, combined with active firming ingredients Cryolift. Therapy contains products with main ingredients sea weeds, menthol, camphor and methyl salicylate which cause an intense cold sensation in the beginning and then a sensation of heat in the application area. The treatment rejuvenates,, tones and firms skin. Muscular firming is achieved with passive exercises.
The method of thalassortherapy is based on products containing sea weeds, plankton, sea collagen and elastin, caviar and grains of sand. The skin peeling is performed with grains of sand, a massage with a cream containing sea ingredients follows, and at the end a masque with sea weeds is applied. Thalassotherapy nourishes and hydrates the skin and results in a special feeling of revival.
Grape therapy
Grape therapy is a method for skin detoxification, offering revival and radiance. The procedure lasts for 1.5 hours, cleans pores and the special ethereal oils used add glow. The grape masque applied makes the absorption of ingredients more effective, and the skin is revived due to the chemical reaction that takes place.
Hand massage
Hand massage is the most widely used and most effective way for treating cellulite and localized fat. With a combination of various products, containing nettle and green tea, we activate cellular metabolism and achieve proper functioning of the lymph and the blood. The drastic ingredients of the nettle and the green tea act as fat solvents.
Breast treatment
Keep you breasts in top condition and take care of this sensitive area with Academie’s breast caring series and with the special treatment applied in our spa. Products containing coconut add volume.
More Services
Θεραπείες Προσώπου
Face Treatments
Following a detailed inspection of your skin with the epidermic scanner, we recommend the treatment best suited
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Depilation techniques applied in our spa include wax, electrolysis and biological.
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Μανικιούρ Πεντικιούρ
Hands and Feet
Hands and feet treatments range from a simple manicure-pedicure to more specialized treatments
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Χαλάρωση - Spa
With a specialized body series, afroditispa aims to offer each one of you a highly relaxing treatment, best suited to your needs.
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We use a combination of cosmetics which are not available out in the market, from major companies doing pioneer work in the field of aesthetics and cosmetics.
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Make up
In our make up section we use products of the top cosmetics companies.
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